Zee Grows a Tree

By Elizabeth Rusch

Zee Grows a Tree book jacket

Illustrated By Will Hillenbrand

Added December 23, 2022

A Choose to Read Ohio selection. On the morning little Zee Cooper is born, a Douglas-fir seedling emerges from the nursery bed at her family’s Christmas tree farm. As Zee and the tree grow up together, they experience many of the same milestones. And as the years go on, Zee takes loving care of her tree, watering it through heat waves and protecting it from winter winds. Combining details about how trees are grown and cared for on a farm with the story of a friendship between a girl and her special tree, Zee Grows a Tree offers a blend of fiction and nonfiction that will draw the interest of young nature lovers. Use the Choose to Read Ohio toolkit for Zee Grows a Tree to plan library programs as well as activities for family time, day care, or the classroom. Visit Will Hillenbrand's website. Book jacket image and book description courtesy Candlewick Press. Used with permission.

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