David W. Green
January 23, 2019

The State Library of Ohio is pleased to announce that David W. Green has joined its staff as Infrastructure Specialist in the Information Systems & Technology (IS&T) Department. David’s primary role will be the day-to-day administration of the Sierra Integrated Library System (ILS) used to operate the State Library catalog.  As such, he will be the primary IT support contact for the catalog and will work with State Library staff on maintaining collections and generation of report data.  In addition, David will be tasked with maximizing ILS system capabilities by maintaining staff authorizations, locations and other system codes. He will serve as the Library’s primary OhioLINK Lead Implementer, attend related meetings, and implement OhioLINK based projects.

In addition, as an Infrastructure Specialist, David will be responsible for performing many duties that relate to administering the State Library’s server and network infrastructure, and well as providing general IT support to staff and patrons.

David holds a Master of Science degree in Information Science from the University of Tennessee, and a Master of Arts in English Literature and Bachelor of Science in Specialized Studies from Ohio University. He was a member of the ILEAD USA Ohio Class of 2013.

David comes to us from OhioNET, where he was a Technology Specialist for six years. Before OhioNET, he worked as a Reference and Instruction Librarian at Columbus State Community College (CSCC) for nearly three years. As a graduate student, David worked in Hodges Library at the University of Tennessee and as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Ohio University.





Media Contact:

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