State Library of Ohio Board Member Michael Merz
Judge Michael Merz
December 14, 2020

After four years of service, Board Vice-President Michael Merz bids farewell to the State Library of Ohio. Judge Merz was recognized at the December board meeting with the following resolution:

A RESOLUTION to honor and recognize Michael Merz upon his retirement from the State Library Board.

WHEREAS, Michael Merz served diligently as a member of the State Library Board from January 2016 through December 2020 and Vice-President of the State Library Board from March 2019 through December 2020; and

WHEREAS, Michael Merz has been an asset to his community, in part by serving the Dayton Metro Library Board of Trustees for fifteen years and as President for six of those years, by serving the Dayton Metro Library Foundation as the President, by continuously advocating for library innovation to meet the changing needs of the community, and through his notable legal career as he helped develop equal access to information and freedom of expression; and

WHEREAS, Michael Merz helped lead the State Library of Ohio through a period of ongoing change, including ongoing budget challenges, a search for a new State Librarian, and unfailing support for staff and fellow Board members of the State Library of Ohio through an unprecedented pandemic; and

WHEREAS, Michael Merz has contributed in numerous ways to the success of the many programs and services offered by the State Library, including fostering collaboration across types of libraries and supporting innovation and adaptability, as well as being the legal voice of reason for all matters in front of the Board; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the members of the Board of the State Library of Ohio, meeting virtually in regular session this 10th day of December 2020, express their individual and collective gratitude and appreciation for Michael Merz.

Judge Michael Merz currently serves as a United States Federal Magistrate Judge and as a Dayton Metro Library Foundation Trustee.  He has previously served on the Dayton and Montgomery County Public Library Board (1991-2006) serving twice as President of the Board. He also served on the Ohio Library Council Board (1997-99) as a trustee representative. In addition, Judge Merz has enjoyed a distinguished legal career as a graduate of Harvard Law School, including seven years as a Dayton Municipal Court Judge and over 30 years as a United States Magistrate Judge serving the Southern District of Ohio. He has served on many state and national civic boards and committees and is the recipient of numerous awards including most recently being recognized nationally by the American Bar Association with the 2013 Robert B. Yegge Award for Outstanding Contribution to the field of Judicial Administration.

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