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May 20, 2022

The Director of the Government Publishing Office convened the Task Force on a Digital Federal Depository Library Program to study the feasibility of an all-digital depository library program. Part of the work of the Task Force is to determine the impact of this on access, particularly to users of Government information.  Task Force members will greatly appreciate it if you can spare a few minutes to convey your thoughts on the potential outcome of this important decision.

We’d like your help in answering the question of whether the FDLP can and should move to an all-digital program. The Task Force has been charged to (1) define the scope of an all-digital FDLP (2) examine the current landscape in Federal Depository Libraries, FDLP-related operations at the Government Publishing Office (GPO), and the dissemination of publications by Federal Agencies (3) Study the feasibility of a digital FDLP and (4) make recommendations as to how to implement and operate such a program, should that be the recommendation.

The survey will take 3-5 minutes to complete, and the deadline to submit the survey (https://forms.gle/8fGUYwyqaFJH9jQe9) is Sunday, May 29th, 5:00 PM EDT.  You can find more information about the Task Force here: https://www.fdlp.gov/project/task-force-digital-federal-depository-library-program. Any questions or comments you may have can be emailed to FDLPTaskforce@gpo.gov.

Media Contact:

Marsha McDevitt-Stredney, Public Information Officer and Director, Marketing & Communications (614) 644-6875 marshams@library.ohio.gov