State Representative Tim Derickson

State Representative Tim Derickson with his favorite book The Book of Virtues by William Bennett. “The Book of Virtues by Dr. William Bennett encourages us all to honor and respect one another while challenging each of us to rooted and grown in our faith. This timeless writing is one that will be used as a reference to basic, wholesome living in an increasingly secular world. The State Library of Ohio has the resources to help all Ohioans, whether it’s research for a school project, preparing for a career change, or studying for the ACT or SAT. Based on my personal experience and use of the State Library of Ohio, I strongly encourage Ohio students to utilize this invaluable asset for their own personal growth.”
– State Representative Tim Derickson, 53rd District

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted reading to his daughters. “Reading with our children at an early age provides them a solid foundation on which to build a good education and a bright future. Katie, Kylie and I encourage all families to visit their local libraries. We are fortunate as Ohio’s libraries are among the best in the world.”

-Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State