Ohio Digital Library

Ohio Digital Library

Enrollment in the Ohio Digital Library is open to public libraries in Ohio serving populations of 100,000 and under.


  • Provide patron authentication via the preferred methods of SIP, SIP2, NCIP or Patron API. (Libraries should check with their ILS vendors regarding available authentication protocols, as there may be a cost involved to implement patron authentication.) If your library does not use patron authentication, OverDrive offers an alternative program.
  • Pledge to spend the required percentage of their annual collection budget on materials for the consortium.
  • Agree that all digital materials will be added to the shared collection.
  • There may be additional fees authentication setup that are the responsibility of the library.
  • Agree that any books purchased for the Ohio Digital Library’s collection will remain in the collection in the event that a library leaves the consortium.
  • Agree to provide front-line support for your library’s patrons. (Additional support for library staff is provided.)
  • Agree to volunteer staff to serve on task forces or committees to aid in the guidance of the Ohio Digital Library.
  • Agree to follow all policies and guidelines put forth by the Ohio Digital Library and State Library of Ohio.

Getting Started

If you are interested in enrolling please contact Anne Kennedy at akennedy@library.ohio.gov

Before the enrollment process can begin interested libraries must complete and submit enrollment paperwork. The documents include but are not limited to:

  • Ohio Digital Library Library Contact Sheet – Contact information for use by the Ohio Digital Library Manager
  • Memorandum of Understanding or MOU – Agreement between enrolling library and the State Library of Ohio
  • Schedule C – Agreement between enrolling library and OverDrive, Inc.
  • ILS Vendor Information or Library Card Manager – This form is used by OverDrive to set up authentication

Once the enrollment documents are submitted, there is a two month enrollment process. During this process your library will work with the State Library of Ohio and OverDrive to setup authentication for your patrons. There will also be training webinars held that are recommended for all staff members on how to use the service, how to order materials, and consortium policies and guidelines.

This enrollment period is a time for your library and staff to learn how to use the system before it is available to your patrons. Attendance at all the training sessions is mandatory, so if you believe staff at your library will be too busy with other duties during this period please contact Anne Kennedy, Project Manager at the State Library before enrollment with any concerns.

The cost of the Ohio Digital Library is 4.5 to 5 percent of a library’s annual collection budget in the purchase of materials for the shared collection.

The library does not send the enrollment fee to the State Library or OverDrive. Instead, once a library is enrolled and launched, they can then purchase materials to add to the collection. The State Library will track each library’s spending to ensure they are meeting their minimum requirement.


The State Library of Ohio provides downloadable audiobooks and eBooks through the Ohio Digital Library (ODL) in order to provide resources to ODL member libraries’ patrons that focus on life-long learning, including resources for leisure and recreational education. Resources are chosen to reflect a broad spectrum of viewpoints and reader interests.

ODL adheres to the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement and considers all materials in the collection protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Scope of Collection

The ODL collection is broad, current, and popular. This collection is not concerned with
being completely comprehensive and some subject areas are collected in greater depth than others, as a reflection of current use and demand. ODL aims for a balance of popular materials and those in line with the institutional goals of public libraries. The materials chosen support general interest in a broad range of categories. This collection is intended to serve the general patron instead of the researcher. Titles selected reflect contemporary significance instead of long-term enduring value.

A variety of reading and comprehension levels are also represented in the collection, based on community need. Materials in languages other than English will be added as determined by community need and title availability. The collection also includes materials that are classified as local content either by an author, publisher or subject matter relating to Ohio and the Midwest region.


ODL seeks to meet the reading needs of a diverse state population in a balanced collection representing a variety of backgrounds and points of view. General criteria for title selection includes:
Accuracy and timeliness of content

  • Affordability
  • Author’s, artist’s, or publisher’s qualifications and/or reputation
  • Contribution to diversity or breadth of collection
  • Favorable reviews
  • Literary merit
  • Public demand
  • Publisher and/or vendor terms of use and retention
  • Title in a series whose other titles are in the collection


Title availability and affordability are important considerations. Given the volatile world of digital rights and publishers, it is important to note that although titles may be available for purchase to consumers from various outlets, they may not be available to ODL patrons because some publishers do not allow public libraries to purchase digital editions of titles, and/or place embargos on new titles for a designated time period. Selectors shall make themselves aware of the diversity of lending models available when selecting titles for purchase.

Patron Purchase recommendations

Input from patrons is highly valued and therefore patrons can recommend up to 3 titles per month for purchase. It is important to note that due to the very large population this collection serves, the recommendation process has a monthly monetary limit and is subject to a minimum number of recommendations. In addition, titles must fit the criteria for selection described in this policy and must be of interest to a larger audience. The decision to add or not add patron recommended titles is at the discretion of the State Library representative and member library selectors and is not open to appeal.


Although a digital collection does not have the same space constraints of a physical collection, weeding is necessary to upgrade the collection in terms of relevancy, usefulness, patron ease of searching and circulation statistics. Weeding also allows for greater review of the collection, helping to determine gaps and deficiencies, assisting selectors in creating a collection that is more responsive to patron demand and need.

The State Library representative will be responsible for facilitating the review of the ODL digital collection on a quarterly basis and determine which titles warrant being weeded. Weeding of no longer available titles is maintained by the content providers and the State Library representative. In addition, titles may be pulled from the ODL collection at any time by publishers without prior notice or titles may not be available for re-purchase.

In addition, certain publishers place circulation and/or time limits on eBook digital titles. As access to such titles lapses, the decision whether to replace or weed them from the ODL collection will depend on these factors:

  • Content obsolescence (nonfiction)
  • Current number of holds
  • Format obsolescence
  • Placement in a series
  • Replacement cost
  • Total number of circulations


Due to technical and licensing limitations, ODL is unable to accept gifts of personally purchased eBooks or downloadable audiobooks. Donated money for specific eBooks or audiobooks may be accepted through an ODL member library, depending on that library’s policy.

No conditions may be imposed relating to any gift either before or after its acceptance by an ODL member library with an understanding that donated materials are subject to the same selection, evaluation, and disposal criteria as material selected for purchase.

Reconsideration of Materials

The collection contains a wide variety of materials to meet the variety of needs of a diverse population. The State Library of Ohio neither approves nor disapproves of the views expressed in materials included in the collection. Anyone who wishes to have materials reconsidered for inclusion or removal from the ODL collection should contact their member library, who will give the patron a copy of this policy and review it with them. ODL member libraries have the right and obligation to respond to their patron’s inquiries, including material challenges.

If a member library determines a digital item should be considered for removal from the ODL collection in response to a challenge, they should submit a request to the ODL Advisory Committee for reconsideration. The ODL Advisory Committee will review the request and make the final decision on the digital item.

Policy Review

This collection development policy will be reviewed by the ODL Advisory Committee and State Library representatives on an as needed basis.



Revised November 11, 2021

 Help & Instruction

Help Overdrive – on the Overdrive website for general help questions.

Staff Training on the Overdrive website.

Readbox How-To Guide

Additional Information

Advisory committee

Local Author Information for the Ohio Digital Library

MARC records

Overdrive has a collection of print-ready materials, digital resources, and communication templates for libraries to download and use. Click here to visit their Marketing and Outreach page.

Libby business cards customized with the Ohio Digital Library logo were distributed in late 2017. Member libraries request additional cards by contacting Anne Kennedy at akennedy@library.ohio.gov.

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