MARC Records


The Ohio Digital Library members are provided MARC Records to add to their local catalog to assist patrons in discovering digital content. These come in .mrc file format and are meant for bulk import.

Due to the differences between different ILS/catalog systems, the Project Manager is only able to offer limited support on adding these records to your system. If you have questions about your library’s specific settings/instructions please contact your vendor or use the listserv to find a library with a similar ILS for assistance.

If it’s your library’s first time accessing MARC Records, you will first want to acquire the archive of MARC records that dates back to its inception in 2005.

After you have acquired any archived MARC records, you will then download more recent records on an ongoing basis. Please keep a list of records that you have previously added to avoid duplication within your catalog.

Please note: Adding Ohio Digital Library MARC records to a library’s catalog is optional, though highly encouraged as it should help increase circulation statistics.


OCLC charges $1.50 for each MARC record on new titles. If a library purchases a title that is new to the consortium collection, then SEO Library/State Library of Ohio is billed for the amount of that MARC record by OverDrive. If a library purchases additional copies of an already-held title, there is no charge for a MARC record.  Libraries with OverDrive Advantage collections will be billed for the amount of Advantage collection MARC records as described above.

MARC Record Archive: OHIONet

The State Library of Ohio and OHIONet have an agreement that OHIONet will acquire and store the MARC records related to the Ohio Digital Library.

Please contact Anne Kennedy ( for ftp access information and password

Members will be notified via listserv when the password changes.

When an Ohio Digital Library member library is downloading MARC records for the first time they will need to first download the archive file.

After the archive file is downloaded any new MARC records that have been added since that date are found in the “Updates” folder.

New MARC Records: OCLC

OverDrive contracts with OCLC to provide new MARC records to Ohio Digital Library Member Libraries. Libraries can update their MARC records anytime after startup (at minimum, monthly is recommended) using the OCLC FTP server. Records are only stored on the OCLC servers for a limited time (60 days), so if your library has not updated in some time you may need to check the archive on the OHIONet server for anything you missed.

The Ohio Digital Library Manager also sends a monthly email to the Ohio Digital Library listserv containing instructions on how to acquire new MARC records from the OCLC FTP server.

Please see Anne Kennedy ( for ftp access information and password.

Removed Titles

Occasionally titles will be removed from the collection. This happens when Maximum Access collections expire, or are removed by OverDrive due to defect. (When removed due to defect the purchasing library receives credit for the purchase.) After all records have been added to the local catalog these must be removed.