Ohio Libraries Share MORE

Statewide Resource Sharing

Ohio Libraries Share: MORE (OLS: MORE) consists of nearly 100 participating libraries containing nearly 17 million volumes and 2.5 million patrons. Patrons from any participating library can request an item from another participating library and pick it up at the their home library.

OLS: MORE enables libraries to provide their patrons more resources, including any circulating item in a library collection. If patrons are unable to find an item in their local library catalog, they can perform the search in OLS: MORE, request the item and have the item shipped to their home library. The patron can also return the item to his or her home library, where it is shipped back to the owning location. OLS: MORE is patron–initiated and patron–centered, and therefore reduces resources required to support a statewide resource sharing circulation system.

All of the details related to circulation are covered in the Principles of Cooperation. These principles govern the borrowing/lending behavior of OLS: MORE participating libraries. A PDF contract form of the “Principles of Cooperation” is available here.

How Much Does it Cost to Participate?

The only out of pocket cost for participating libraries is a monthly delivery fee. The cost of the software program was covered by an LSTA grant from the State Library of Ohio. Library patrons do not pay any fees for this service.

Getting Started

Get started by talking to your automated vendor about their Z39.50 interface, SIP, and NCIP features. We recommend asking your vendor:

  • When do you expect to implement NCIP?
  • What NCIP functions do you intend to develop first?
  • Is there a charge for the NCIP module? Is there a price offset for already licensing SIP2?

If you have questions about this project, please contact the OLS: MORE project staff at the State Library via email at olsmore@library.ohio.gov or call 1-800-686-1532.

MORE Sign-up Check List

Use this form to indicate your library’s readiness to join OLS: MORE. If you have any questions, please email the OLS: MORE staff at olsmore@library.ohio.gov.nnBefore completing this form, please ensure that:nnYou have read and agree to the Principles of CooperationnYou have a Z39.50 server installed (or will have soon)nYou have SIP, SIP2, or NCIP installed (or will have soon)
    Which automation system do you use?
    Do you plan to migrate to a new system within the next six months?
    Do you currently have (or share with another institution) a contract with the Statewide Delivery Service?

We look forward to working with you to bring your patrons and students Ohio Libraries Share: MORE!