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Promotional materials

Choose To Read Ohio Logos and Graphics

The Choose To Read Ohio logo is available for use on print and digital materials for programs and services associated with the program.

Choose To Read Ohio Logos and Graphics

Guiding Ohio Online Logos and Graphics

The Guiding Ohio Online program logo should be used on all program promotional materials as well as the State Library and IMLS logos.

Guiding Ohio Online Logos and Graphics


ILEAD USA – Ohio may be used for promotion and information sharing.


State Library Logos and Graphics

Our logo has literal and conceptual connections to our vision and mission. There are two options: vertical and horizontal formats.

State Library of Ohio Logos and Graphics

About Our Logo

The book and tablet depict the mission to build and manage quality collections and provide hands-on service to state government. Each page of the book changes in form and color to represent new discoveries, forward movement, responsiveness and transformation. Each page color in the spectrum is carefully managed to communicate not only the full experience and outcomes of reading but also the mood, feeling, and representations we associate with color. For example, blue hues represent established, reliable and authoritative. The red hues denote motivation, rejuvenation, passion and determination.

Together the state of Ohio, tablet, and book with turning pages represent cooperation, collaborative efforts, and statewide information sharing networks. The smart tablet with the slogan “A Smarter Ohio” communicates a mission to provide virtual, online and on-the-go access to expert assistance, digitized resources, and a vast selection of electronic materials.

Interested in using this logo?
We ask that you first send Director of Marketing and Communications Marsha McDevitt-Stredney an email to request permission to use our logo. Once you have received approval for use you can download it. If you require a different size or format contact Marsha McDevitt-Stredney via email or phone at 614-644-6875.

Additional Information Resources, Logos, and Instructional flyers

Ohiomeansjobs brochures & guides

Ohio Read Posters

Our READ posters feature Ohio elected officials, policy makers, state agency directors, Ohio authors and others. A limited number of the posters are printed and are also available for downloading.

Ohio Read Posters