Open Your Mind to Grant Writing – a Virtual Workshop Series

Virtual Workshop Reminders:

Attendees should plan to attend in real-time whenever possible.

Only virtual workshop registrants will have access to view recordings – links to these events will not be available in the Training Archive.

Virtual Workshops are live, interactive events featuring group discussions and breakout sessions.

Attendees should be prepared to complete brief readings and assignments between (or before) workshop meetings. Many Virtual Workshops are project-focused – read the Notes section below for additional details or requirements.

Virtual Workshop Description:

Planning and writing grants are great skills that can help build community connections. And, like all skills, they get stronger with practice.

If you’ve applied for an Open Grant through the State Library of Ohio in the past or are planning to submit one in 2021, take this opportunity to develop and revise your ideas in this series of virtual workshops.

Attendees will review and revise their grant project ideas with one-on-one assistance from Cindy Boyden – LSTA Grant Coordinator at the State Library of Ohio.

Using collaborative tools like break out rooms and group chat, attendees will have the opportunity to:

Discuss their plans and ideas with colleagues from other OhioNET member libraries and gather tips on improving the six main sections of grant applications:


problem statement/needs assessment,  



evaluation/outcomes, and  


Notes: Attendees should have copies of the following materials on hand during the virtual workshop meetings:

Tentative grant/project idea to discuss 

Library’s strategic plan 

Library’s mission/vision statement 

Attendees should review the following documents before the first virtual workshop meeting:

State Library of Ohio mission & vision statements

LSTA 5 Year Plan

Open Grant RFP

Meeting Dates and Times: Introduction and Needs Assessment – Thursday, April 29 from 1:30-3:30 p.m.Objectives and Activities – Thursday, May 13 from 1:30-3:30 p.m.Evaluation/Outcomes and Budget – Thursday, May 27 from 1:30-3:30 p.m.

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Building Empathetic Collections: Fostering Empathy and Kindness in your Community [NEO-RLS: Webinar]

Literature creates a gateway to help library patrons understand concepts of empathy, compassion and kindness. Creating a curated collection of library resources inspires and fosters understanding of others and different perspectives and is the foundation of building a climate of empathy in the library. Empathy is transformative and can bring about positive change in the community.


Meghan Harper, Ph.D, Professor,  Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.
Dr. Harper is Interim Director of the School of Information as of July 1. Harper previously served as the Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) program coordinator as well as the school library media concentration coordinator. Dr. Harper is co-director of the Virginia Hamilton Multicultural Literature Conference, the longest running national conference of its kind.

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Online Database Overviews: HeinOnline

Series Description

OhioNET’s Online Database Overviews are a series of freely available webinars, open to all library staff working in Ohio.  Many, but not all, of the databases featured in this series are available statewide. Each training session will be aimed at current users/subscribers and will include

an overview of the resource(s) being featured (what content is included, what search options are available, who is the intended audience) a review of access requirements and options for sharing/downloading contentan exploration of use cases and marketing ideasa discussion of options for staff training to help end-users navigate the materials


Session Description

Join us for a free webinar to discover the power of HeinOnline’s multidisciplinary research platform. This resource covers thousands of periodicals, journals, and other documents.

Explore the platform’s 30+ databases and view demonstrations of popular search examples. HeinOnline experts Tim Hooge and Steve Roses will highlight tools and support resources available for all users.

Questions are encouraged – we hope to see you there!

*Please note: this resource is not available statewide.


This is a FREE webinar, open to all Ohio librarians at no charge.

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Empathetic Marketing: Connecting with Users through Marketing [NEO-RLS: Webinar]

Empathetic marketing is the latest marketing trend-showing users how you can meet their core emotional needs. When libraries use empathetic marketing to show users how library services and staff can meet their emotional needs, it helps users feel more connected, shows them that people know and care about what they are experiencing, and lets them know that we can help them in a variety of ways. Once users realize that the library staff know and care about their needs, they often feel more comfortable seeking assistance from us when they need it-whether related to the library and research or not.

Learning Objectives:Define empathetic marketingShow examples of empathetic marketingDemonstrate ways that libraries can incorporate empathetic marketing in their outreach endeavorsPresenter: 

 Carrie Girton is the Public Services Librarian at Rentschler Library at Miami University Hamilton in Hamilton, Ohio. She earned her MLIS from the University of Kentucky. Carrie recently served as the Interest Group Coordinator for the Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) and as Co-Chair for the Association of College & Research Library’s (ACRL) Distance Learning Section (DLS) Bibliography Committee. She volunteers for a local community center’s afterschool program, coaching K-5 students on reading and literacy skills.

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Fundamentals of Cataloging ONLINE: RDA vs. AACR2 for Serials Cataloging (Session 3)

This third session in the Serials series will focus on the key changes that the new cataloging standard, RDA (Resource Description and Access), brings to serials cataloging considerations. 


Through this session, attendees will have the opportunity to…

Understand how RDA changes continuing resource catalogingExplore additional factors to consider when cataloging electronic serialsDiscuss provider-neutral standards for electronic resourcesIdentify and practice copy cataloging from quality serial records

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An Empathic Approach to Customer Service Training [NEO-RLS: Webinar]

This presentation addresses customer service training by growing and nurturing empathy and empowering staff to navigate the gray areas in our policies. Using storytelling and group interaction, we will look at special and challenging situations such as code of conduct violations and difficult patrons. Discover how understanding our own implicit biases and not assuming the worst of our patrons can help you offer consistent customer service to everyone we serve.
Learning Objectives:Understand how your emotional responses influence patron interactions and several tools you can use to create more positive resultsIdentify at least one of your own implicit biases and understand how it can affect the customer service you offerTell at least one personal story about customer service that can be used to improve customer service in your own libraryPresenter:

Molly Meyers LaBadie has been in Libraries since 2001.  She was lucky to have four of those as a Library Trainer allowing her to train staff in customer service. Currently, as a Deputy Director, she finds that empathy for both staff and patrons is a powerful tool in offering exceptional customer service.

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Gaming & Esports in Libraries [NEO-RLS: Webinar]

Welcome to “Gaming & Esports in Libraries,” a webinar where you’ll learn what esports are, ways that games-related programming can strengthen your library, and how to establish them. Even with the challenges we currently face, there are still many ways to provide these events to patrons! 
Tristan Wheeler initiated and runs the fast-growing and popular series of gaming events at the Cleveland Public Library, now called CPL Play. Patrons of all ages, genders, and backgrounds experience a wide variety of ways to play, from video games to board games, all while creating and developing new relationships. Gaming and esports events provide an environment of both cooperative and competitive gaming, exposing patrons to the many different facets of gaming and videogame culture. 
Attendees are given the opportunity to learn about the business of video games, including professional gaming, the latest trends in technology, entrepreneurial opportunities, and the many jobs that exist within this field. With access to the hardware, software, community, educational opportunities, and many resources available at the library, patrons are given the tools and materials they need to pursue different pathways to success. 
In 2020, the CPL Play events moved even more into the online space with the new series, CPL Play Online-so patrons can enjoy elements of the Library’s gaming and esports at home! This live-streamed event series features new and different ways for patrons to learn and interact with online tournaments, group gaming sessions, guest speakers, workshops and presentations, unboxing videos and more. 
Join us for this introduction to esports in libraries and learn why a program like this is important to our library. and could be for yours! 
Learning Objectives: 
 Learn what esports areLearn ways that games-related programming can strengthen your libraryLearn how to establish them  
Tristan Wheeler is an Audiovisual & Event Planning Specialist at the Cleveland Public Library. Since 2003, Tristan has worked with other library staff to bring a wide variety of video games-related programming and events to Clevelanders at Main Library and branch locations. For the past five years, Tristan has led the team which plans and delivers esports and gaming at Cleveland Public Library, bringing national and international recognition for the program and for Cleveland Public Library. 
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Introduction to Website Accessibility

Are you concerned that your library’s website isn’t meeting accessibility standards? If not, you should be–lawsuits concerning website accessibility failures are increasing, and libraries do not have immunity.

In this one-hour webinar, you’ll gain an understanding of which guidelines are used to measure website accessibility in the United States, and how to begin to evaluate your own library’s site for potential issues. We’ll also discuss some common pitfalls and things to avoid. Topics for this webinar include:

What accessibility means in a web context, and how it differs from web usabilityLegal issues surrounding web accessibility and how these can affect libraries;National and international standards commonly used for accessibility evaluations, and which to use, whenAn introduction to automated validators and what they can and cannot do;Actual code examples for both good and bad implementations of some common HTML elements