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Access & Privileges

Our catalog contains approximately 800,000 items, including government documents, business, management, education, health and criminal justice, which circulate to the public on a walk-in basis.

Get a Library Card

If you are a State employee, you can register online, by phone, mail or in person.

If you are an Ohio resident, and you are 18 years old or older, you can register online or in person. A physical library card will be sent to Ohio residents registering online to verify that the address and information provided on the Web form is correct. Ohio residents wanting to use their library card immediately must register in person at the State Library of Ohio and show proof of address, i.e. driver’s license, state ID, recently postmarked bill, etc.

Once you register, you will receive a Unique Patron ID number. This nine-digit number can be found on the back of your library card and can be used to log in to your online account.

Borrowing Information

State Library items circulate  for 21 days and can be renewed as many times as needed, as long as no holds have been placed by other customers. Click here to read the State Library Circulation Policy.

OhioLINK books circulate for 21 days. OhioLINK books may be renewed up to four times for an additional 21 days, as long as no holds have been placed by other customers. OhioLINK media circulate for seven days with renewals permitted. Additional information about borrowing materials through OhioLINK is available on their website.

OH|ID Workforce User ID Access

Access digital resources using the State Library Catalog App with an OH|ID Workforce User ID. The State Library Catalog app is listed among applications on the OH|ID dashboard. The dashboard is accessible via the MY WORKSPACE section of myOhio for State of Ohio employees–select Launch the OH|ID App Store. Clicking the State Library Catalog App launches the catalog, allowing access to the following resources with or without a library card:

  • Journal and magazine articles.
  • Data and statistical resources.
  • Federal and State of Ohio government publications.
  • Legal and news resources.

Additional Support

Give us a call at 614-644-6950 or email us at